Connecting with your clients has never been so easy. Let Foundations to Follow help you build a client first experience.
Client Portal
Navigating new platforms can be overwhelming. That’s why we believe our client portal should never be an afterthought. Helping our users navigate through new features will bring you to new heights: easy to use, quick reports, and the ability to feel in control of all the necessary aspects.
Virtual Renderings
See everything you need right on your desktop or phone. With the use of digital renderings, every aspect of each property is easily accessible. Clients will have immediate access to these renderings to ensure seamless communication.
Document Storage
Store all your important documents in one place and easily deliver them to clients when required. Don’t be drowning in paperwork and excessive clutter when all your documents are properly organized in our online portal.
Virtual Walkthroughs
Having the ability to walk through properties during the building phase is essential for being properly updated. Virtual tours help you create better experiences, happier customers, and more revenue after all.
Custom Software Services
Scaling design is difficult when there are so many inconsistencies in your services. With custom software services, you can provide consistency to your clientele, help eliminate technical gaps and allow for properties to be efficiently shown.
360 Photos
What is better than getting a digital preview of your home. Our 360 photos give you the feeling of a virtual tour that you are in full control of. Get beautiful previews of your buildings that your clients can explore from the comfort of their own homes.
Matterport Virtual Tours
Get your audience 300% more engaged with a Matterport virtual tour than with 2D imagery. Matterport technology allows for 3D imaging to be taken with the use of everyday technology. Save time on in-person visits and show clients their properties with a touch of a button.