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Connecting your Clients to their new homes.

Connect with you clients in a whole new way and reduce your communications costs with your system.

Communication Brings Awesomeness

We have ways to help you communicate through every stage of the building process.

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Who Are We?

We are a company who specializes in connecting builders with their clients during the build process. We help connect clients to the build process.

Communication is key when your product is so vast and complicated and buyers need a whole lot of assurance and information. We can help you provide that!

Our Mission

Connect your homeowners with their homes.

Our Values

Every client is important.

What We Do?

The full service we are offering is specifically designed for homebuilders who want to offer an exceptional experience.


We take photos during the build process


We provide a portal for your customers to log-in.


We can customize our solutions for your needs.

Share Documents

Share important documents with your clients.

“Foundations to Follow has been great to work with. Many of our Purchasers are from out of town and the construction photos have been a great way to help them feel connected to their new homes. Rob put a lot of work into getting their cloud-based software to integrate with our systems and the final result is seamless. We been working to get more Purchasers to log into their Purchaser portal and Rob’s photos have helped boost those numbers.”

Mike Memme

Mountainview Homes

"We loved how the site had all our documents all there — that has already been useful. We were always so excited to get new pictures. All in all, a great experience. I really can’t imagine having gone through it without having the site. Made it very enjoyable! "

Home Owner

Multi-Area Developments

“Foundations to Follow has created and implemented a wonderful software that allows us to share updates to our customers about the construction progress of their home. They have been really great at customizing the software to meet our needs and continuing to work with us to enhance the experience, whenever possible. Our customers are able to view images of their home during significant stages of construction as well as viewing and downloading all their important documents such as the agreement, amendments, colour selections, letters, and receipts. Our customers love that we offer this tool to them as they appreciate that we are providing them insight into the construction of their home and they feel more involved. The program notifies the customer when there are new images that are uploaded or new documents and our customers really like getting the updates! Overall, I think that every home builder should offer this to their customers as it provides such a great user experience and a real sense of inclusion in the home building process. Thank you to the Foundations to Follow Team!”

Sara Frenza

Multi-Area Developments

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Customer satisfaction is our major goal. See what our customers are saying about us.

We take pride in what we do and it's important for us to follow up with our clients to make sure eveyrthing is going smoothly. You'll never have to chase us down, we're already knocking at your door, asking how everything is going.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

We have a team of professional photographers who are familliar with worksites and how they operate. They know to remove the odd Timmies cup before taking the picture.

Well, this is something we have become excellent at being flexible. If you want us to contact site supers, we can do that. Maybe you have an excel spreadsheet that you update, we can work with that. Sometimes you have internal software that exports a file of some infernal file type, it's all good, we can handle it. We will adapt to your systems, you don't have to adapt to ours.

Not free photo services, but we would be happy to give you a walkthrough, even set up a demo account for you. Just reach out to our sales team and we'll help you out.

You do not need to use our system at all if you have your own, we offer options for integrating our 360 images into your current system. Or if you are worried about overburdening your staff we can help with that too.